Solarize 5B!

Group discounts in solar! Partner with 4 or more of your neighbors and we’ll start passing our bulk discounts on to you! The more neighbors we can bring together, the greater the discount.  SOLARIZE–DON’T FOSSILIZE!  < previous page        next page > By bringing neighborhoods together to install solar as a community, Solarize 5B! aims to […]

Performance Guarantee

Given average climatic conditions, Sagebrush Solar guarantees that its systems will offset an annual per collector equivalent of 250 therms natural gas, 7,350 kWh electricity, or 275 gallons propane. Average climatic conditions are based on the previous twenty years of climatic data from the Ohio Gulch Remote Automated Weather Station. When climatic conditions vary from the average, the […]

Our Customers

“Sagebrush retrofitted one of their designs into my hot water and radiant hydronic system…   It’s on track to pay for itself in less than eight years, and I’m offsetting almost seven tons of carbon every year…”     Newhouse Solar Hot Water and Forced-Air System (Retrofit)         Whitehead Solar Hot Water and Forced […]


Our Process To Date

Since 2007, we've installed:
- Collectors Installed: 180
- Systems Installed: 60
- Retrofitted Systems: 95%

To date, we've offset the equivalent of
- 43,700 therms natural gas
- 1,266,700 kWh electricity
- 265 tons carbon dioxide

Google Map

Coming Soon a Google Map with all of our installations!